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In It Changes Lives, the reader meets people who have made little headway against their chronic illnesses. That is, until they step into a doctor’s clinic where they encounter the extraordinary—and a leap forward in their own healing process.

In their consultation they discover that some doctors are able to work both inside and outside the square: that they are able to keep an open mind as to when modalities beyond the borders of orthodox medicine may offer an all-rounded approach.

In Western allopathic medicine, curing is powerful and almost instant: i.e. in a matter of days to weeks. Healing on the other hand requires the patient to take a personal journey and to look deeper and further than before. When curing and healing meet—something incredible happens.

To achieve this requires that deep listening becomes an integral part of the doctor/patient relationship because this is where the real magic happens.

When the insatiable thirst for the cure transforms into the discovery of what it truly means to be alive then the journey towards healing begins.

What is the essential ingredient? ‘It’.’It’ was the leap of faith that helped the boy who kissed the duck, and ‘It’ was the phone call to an Indigenous elder that led to a woman recovering her memory.

Indigenous spirituality and understanding the Dreamtime underlie some of the stories of healing within this book and define not only Aboriginal identity but also their relationship to the worldwide indigenous cultures and the natural world.

For Indigenous peoples there is a powerful kinship with the environment because all objects are seen as living, and both share and are comprised of the same spiritual essence. Thus Indigenous spirituality holds a deep connection to ‘country’, in which people are seen as belonging to the land because they are part of the land and it is part of them.

This is a series of 8 stories of real people who found ‘It’ and found themselves in the process. We hope you enjoy the reconnection these people experience as you journey with them through their transformational healing.